Communication & Skill Development

  • Communication Skills, iFDP, and iSEP cell, initially known as the Department of Communication and Skill development is one of the pioneer sections of the multidimensional activities being done under the flagship of DiR.
  • The development of Professional Skills, which may not be an inherent part of the curriculum, has been one of the core concerns of the department. For this purpose, the department arranges many various types of activities and has been extending its horizons since its day of inception.
  • It is involved in conducting regular sessions on communication skills and soft skills across the university at all three campuses. These sessions are designed keeping in mind the requirement of the job the market in general and the particular one which is the field chosen by the students for their higher studies. The sessions include topics like verbal and non-verbal, oral as well as written communication, change management, time management, stress management, self-analysis, teamwork, interpersonal relationships, confidence building, challenges in team/work, presentation skills, problem-solving, creative thinking, listening skills, on the spot speaking, brainstorming, group discussion, leadership, etc..
  • Also the sessions focus on pre-placement activities like resume crafting sessions and mock interview sessions.


  • All these sessions are designed to be highly interactive in nature and they aim at providing maximum exposure through the mock situations within the classroom for the said topics.
  • The department has developed the content and material for the sessions and has compiled it in the form of the departmental manual.
  • This manual consists of a large variety of activities that can assist the learners to know the said topic.
  • Also, the faculty members of the department are involved in regular teaching on occasional or even regular bases for some particular topics or courses of their own respective fields.
  • It gives a chance to reconsider the methodology practiced for regular teaching as well, which is also a part of communication skills in its broader perspective.


  • Apart from the above mentioned regular sessions, many short term modules have been designed on the bases of special need of a particular set of students or particular department.
  • English language, being the global language and the language of one’s work life, Communication Skills, iFDP, and iSEP cell has developed such modules on various skills of English language- learning. The modules focus on various aspects of the language skills like routine conversations, listening and speech, reading, creative writing , etc.
  • Through all the said sessions the department is trying to develop the most essential professional skills in students in order to make them more equipped and competent for the global world of work.
  • Thus the department puts efforts in strengthening the other core teaching departments of the university and thereby to achieve the next level of growth as a whole.